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By Jorge Kurczyn

Jorge Kurczyn Furniture introduced its luxurious, handcrafted, copper furniture in 1998, in Vail, Colorado, and the copper furniture was featured the same year in the Vail-Beaver Creek Catalogue.

To this day, JKM, original designer and manufacturer, continues to design and create exquisite copper furniture and innovative architectural concepts in America. Our copper furniture is different from others, and this will be evident once you view the photo images of our furniture in this website.

At JKM, we design and manufacture high-end copper furniture that is original, beautiful and guaranteed for life. One of a kind copper patterns are created to connect with the furniture design, and the combination of both make our copper furniture unique and very desirable. Copper has also earned a respected place in the related fields of architecture, building construction and interior design. From homes to offices, copper is used for a variety of architectural elements.

In addition to our furniture, we also design and manufacture hand hammered and hand tooled copper accessories, including tabletops, sinks, range hoods, tubs and tiles.

We specialize in custom-made copper furniture accessories. If you have ideas or drawings, send them to us, and we can assist you with your design. As a part of our service, we can work directly with you or your designer to finalize your project.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to call or email us. As a manufacturer, our designs are not set in stone, and we are flexible. You may modify any of our existing furniture and copper designs to incorporate your ideas. We enjoy working with and designing furniture for our clients, and it also gives us the opportunity to explore new furniture lines. Our reputation in the industry is that our furniture is unique, beautiful, and designed and manufactured with personality

Our gorgeous copper furniture will be the focal point of your home décor or your showroom, and the furniture will also be extremely well built. That has been our experience with customers and retailers since 1998.

At JKM, our fine copper furniture is created with unique details and qualities developed by us that no other furniture maker can match. Our custom architectural concepts are made with the same touch.

Inspect closely the details on the large copper images that are provided in the website. You will recognize the fine detail work on the copper and the connection between the artist and the craftsmanship.

Our furniture is built with solid timber stock, and it is designed to last for generations.


When it comes to custom designed copper furniture, we are the best. Our products are constructed by highly talented craftsmen, and we are recognized as creating the best copper furniture in the market. e are acknowledged in the furniture industry as a trend-setter and as a high-end, quality, furniture manufacturer. Our copper furniture is not rustic, it is built to meet the highest, handcrafted, construction standards. Each piece is signed and dated on the back, and is guaranteed for life.

We originally design and manufacture all of our furniture, including our high-end copper furniture. Our handcrafted furniture is custom-made for the individual customer or retailer, and the client may be part of the design process. You have the opportunity to collaborate directly with our design team, and the result will be beautiful, high quality furniture that is created specifically for your home décor or showroom.

The design process begins with the collaboration between Jorge Kurczyn, our master designer, and the client. Based on this sharing of ideas, Jorge will then prepare the design drawings to be used in the construction of the furniture. To be part of this creative experience is an opportunity that is not available with many other furniture manufacturers.

Our design team has created marvelous, new furniture designs, and we invite you to view our most recent creations. We manufacture beautiful copper furniture, and we also design and build gorgeous western, colonial style and contemporary furniture. All of our existing designs can be modified to reflect your interest, or we can design a unique piece of furniture for you.

Together with our luxury copper furniture, we also design and manufacture handcrafted, western, Spanish colonial style and contemporary furniture. Take this opportunity to view our latest creations. You may also choose from our existing furniture, and we can modify any existing design. Additionally, our team can create a unique furniture design for you, and you may be a part of the design process.

The hand hammered copper adorning our solid wood armoires is available in a variety of gorgeous color tones, patinas and textures. The copper may also be silver-plated, and our skilled artisans can hand tool the copper with any design that is imaginable. The armories may be enhanced with forged iron accessories, and they are available in various styles and finishes. They are 100% customizable.

You may embellish your solid timber, handcrafted bed with ornate, hand hammered and tooled copper designs. The copper may be customized to include tooled floral or western details, or personalized to include your ranch brand or initials. The bed may be also be adorned with rich full grain leather, hair on hide cowhide, beautiful carved details and decorative ironwork. They are 100% customizable.

Adorn the foot of your bed, your entryway, or the dcor of your living room with a marvelous handcrafted bench embellished with copper. Our hand hammered and tooled copper details are beautiful, and are perfect for enhancing your furniture. The benches may also be upholstered with a variety of rich, full grain leathers or fine fabrics, and they are available in many styles. They are 100% customizable, and their solid wood frames may be enriched with ornate carved designs.

Enhance your solid wood, handcrafted buffet with a marvelous framed mirror made with hand hammered copper or with Pinero wood. The buffet may also be embellished with beautiful carved details and forged iron accessories. We can customize your buffet with a design, size and finish that are perfect for your dcor.

We can design your handcrafted chair with splendid, hand hammered and tooled copper details. Your solid wood chair may be adorned with copper floral or western designs, or personalize with your copper ranch brand or initials. They are beautifully upholstered and may be also enriched with marvelous carvings. The chairs are 100% customizable, and they are guaranteed for life.

One of our distinctive, copper coffee tables will be an elegant focal point in your living room dcor. The copper is beautifully hand hammered by skilled artisans, and the coffee tables are constructed completely by hand. They may also be built with forged iron or solid wood, and the wood may be enriched with ornate carved details. The coffee tables may be custom-made with respect to size, design and finish.

Our handcrafted consoles are perfect for your living room or an entryway, and they may be embellished with exquisite, hand hammered and tooled copper details. The solid wood consoles may also be enriched with lovely carved designs and decorative wrought iron. They are 100% customizable, and you may also select the forged iron handles and the finish.

Adorn your dining room, living room, hallway, or office with a handcrafted credenza embellished with hand hammered and tooled copper. Made with solid wood, they have a wide top and clean lines, and they are a beautiful way to display and store your cherished objects. The credenzas may also be enhanced with marvelous carved designs or forged iron details. They are 100% customizable, and there are a variety of lovely finishes to choose from.

For a unique handcrafted desk, embellish it with exquisite, hand hammered copper. The copper is available in many color tones and textures, and it may be enriched with magnificent, hand-tooled, custom designs. The desks may also be embellished with ornate carved designs and with forged iron accessories. Built with solid timber, they are 100% customizable.

The solid wood, handcrafted dressers may be enhanced with customized, tooled, copper designs or with a framed mirror made with hand hammered copper. They have spacious drawers, and the drawers have forged iron handles. We may also adorn your dresser with marvelous carved details. They are 100% customizable, and you may choose a finish that is perfect for your home dcor.

Our solid wood, handcrafted end tables are available in western, colonial or contemporary styles, and they may be adorned with magnificent, hand hammered and tooled copper details. They may also be embellished with ornate carved designs and upholstered in rich, full grain leather. Each has practical spacious drawers or doors with forged iron handles, and they are 100% customizable.

For a spectacular design, enhance your home dcor with a handcrafted entertainment center adorned with hand hammered and tooled copper designs. The copper designs may be customized, and there is no limit to the variety of designs available. The wide top of each entertainment center is built for displaying a television, and below are shelves for a sound system or electronic equipment. They also have side doors for storage, each with a practical inside shelf. The doors and the solid wood frame may be enriched with gorgeous carved details. They are 100% customizable, and you may select the finish.

The tabletops of our handcrafted tables may be made with hand hammered and tooled copper or with solid wood. There are many design options available, and the tables are guaranteed for life. It may be supported with a robust hand turned pedestal, detailed turned legs, or with ornamental forged iron. The tables may be embellished with lovely carved details, and there are many finishes to choose from. They are 100% customizable.

For a wonderful western or Spanish colonial style look, embellish your handcrafted trunk with hand hammered and tooled copper. Built with solid timber, they may also be enhanced with beautiful carved designs and rich leather details. The top can open, and its handles and hinges are made from forged iron. You may select the finish, and they are 100% customizable.

Your handcrafted vanity may be designed with a plain copper countertop or with a copper countertop that is hand-tooled. The top can be built with single or double sinks, or it may be designed without a sink. The vanity may be constructed with drawers and hidden shelving covered with cabinet doors. It may also be customized with a space for a chair, and it may be built with or without a mirror. The solid wood frame may be enhanced with beautiful carved designs, and the vanities are 100% customizable.

We specialize in custom-made, hand hammered and hand tooled copper accessories, including lamps, tabletops, range hoods, sinks, tubs, tiles and more. If you have ideas and/or drawings for your copper accessories, please send them to us, and we will work with you to refine your contributions. All of our existing accessories are 100% customizable.


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